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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Diabolical Plan from Oa...

(Green Lantern #11 teases things to come)
Between preparations for important upcoming episodes of "The Lanterncast!", getting ready for New York Comic Con & organizing a future event for this blog (that I don't want to spoil just yet); I've been a little behind on my postings. Unfortunately that will probably continue for the next month or so as all of these things in the works finally come to fruition. On another note, I can't find the power cord or the USB cord to my scanner so the ideas for posts I have rattling around in my brain will have to wait. But, through the wonder of the Google image search, I've collected the necessary images to get out at least ONE of these ideas! So sit back and enjoy folks because Oa knows I've got to get this stuff out before "The Rise of the Third Army" reveals too much more.

*inhales for dramatic effect, exhales slowly*

Ok, you all remember that full page spread from issue #11 of 'Green Lantern' in which Geoff Johns took an opportunity to showcase a few upcoming plot points for the GLU (Green Lantern Universe, keep up people). Well, after the events of the 'Green Lantern Annual #1', I've got a few ideas on where this is going and I'm going to need some serious space to work out these half baked theories.

FIRST: Lets take the image of Atrocitus leading a pack of Manhunters on a vicious attack on...something.

(Atrocitus leads the Manhunters)

From Atocitus' past history we all know that it would take a great deal for him to work WITH the Manhunters. (They're the ones who obliterated Ryut don't ya know?) However, we've seen in the past that when shit hits the fan, Atrocitus temporarily sets aside his personal vendettas to protect his Corps or himself. (EX. 'Blackest Night')

With the Guardians finally losing the last of their cosmic marbles and creating the Third Army, it's possible that their ability to recreate themselves simply by touching another living being would directly threaten the existence of not only Atrocitus himself but of his entire Corps. With the threat level that high, Atrocitus would be inclined to once again set aside his plans for vengeance and do whatever is necessary to stop the Guardians.

So why Manhunters? One reason. They aren't organic, living beings. Take this image from the Green Lantern Annual...

(The rise of the Third Army begins)

It's obvious that the Third Army creates more of themselves by altering the genetic make up of living organisms. There-by making them an ideal force to utilize against this impending disaster. Not to mention the set-up for this has been laid out in the pages of 'Green Lantern Corps' when Guy and John returned to the Foundry beneath Oa.

SECOND: Dart down really quick to the image of Kyle fully embracing the power of the Red Lanterns.

(Kyle becomes a Red Lantern)
If you keep up with the news surrounding upcoming comic story lines, you might have seen an article from Newsarama in which they interviewed Tony Bedard regarding the future of 'Green Lantern: New Guardians'. Without regurgitating the entirety of that interview, let's just cut straight to the part that concerns us and this image...

Bedard: "During the four months of "Rise of the Third Army", Kyle will be on a quest to master every shade of the Emotional Spectrum. He'll have to learn to wield Hope, Compassion, Fear, Rage, Love and Avarice. It's those "negative" emotions like avarice, fear and rage that will prove the greatest challenge and affect Kyle's personality the most."

So it's obvious that this image is merely hinting at things to come for Kyle. Those of you with a keen memory will remember that Kyle has a direct history with Fear and Hope but hasn't yet been able to wield them with any level of expertise. Also, if you'll recall, when all of the rings gathered on Kyle and he became a Mega Lantern of sorts, it failed because the Orange ring was actually Glomulous and probably because Kyle didn't yet know how to wield all of the emotions properly. Which brings me to my next point...

(The White Lantern ring returns)
THIRD: That damn white ring. Unfortunately for us, there are four possibilities to whom it is wielding that white ring. From least likely to most likely, (as I see it) let me break down the reasoning for you.

Sinestro: It COULD be Sinestro because he's currently "dead". The potential continues however because I believe that Sinestro can't, in good conscience, go back to being a Yellow Lantern. It goes against everything Johns' has set up for him so far. So either he remains dead (HIGHLY unlikely), comes back and continues being a Green Lantern (more likely as it holds a lot of potential for future story lines) or becomes a White Lantern and remains so (possible, but effectively takes him off the table too much).

Hal Jordan: I believe that Johns' has a finite amount of storys that he wants to tell for Hal. He brought him back for a purpose but it kind of feels like Hal isn't supposed to be here, at least in the role of a Green Lantern, much longer. Added to that the fact that he's currently "dead" and the possibility has to be accounted for. But, with Hal being the main Green Lantern in the movie universe and so entrenched in the New 52, it's unlikely they'd take him off the table AS a Green Lantern.

(White Lantern Abin Sur: 'Flashpoint')
Abin Sur: They've mentioned him A LOT recently. With references to his sister Arin's relationship with Sinestro as well as Abins role in the creation of the Indigo Tribe, he's been influencing alot of what is going on currently. Plus there's that little image from the 'Flashpoint' universe...

Lastly we have the MOST likely...

Kyle Rayner: With Bedard putting him in a story where he ACTIVELY is seeking to master every emotion, never before has the possibility of a White Lantern resulting from the use of every emotion been higher. Also, you have to take into consideration that with Kyle, John, Guy, Hal and now Baz, that seems like one too many Earth Green Lanterns to keep track of. Someone has to go which either means someone dies, or someone is taken off the Green Lantern playing feild and put somewhere else. Like maybe a position in which they weild a power and a potential that MANY fans of the character fully believe he DESERVES...

FOURTH: One of the glimpses we get of the future is of Guy Gardner imprisoned somewhere, but where?

(Guy Gardner behind bars)
First of all, it CAN'T be on Earth. That makes no sense. Also it CAN'T be on Oa. The Guardians methods for detaining people aren't via the use of physical metal bars. Besides, WHY would the Guardians imprison Guy and not KILL him? Which leaves us with one option. Guy is imprisoned somewhere that ISN'T Earth and ISN'T Oa. So where have we seen a prision, made of standard metal, recently?

(During 'War of the Green Lanterns' we learned the Indigo Tribe was kept imprisoned somewhere)
Oh that's right! Planet Nok! In the very prisons that the Indigo Tribe members were kept in before they had a ring popped onto their fingers. Now WHY would Guy be incarcerated there? Who knows. But it makes more sense than the other two possibilities.

LASTLY: Those two cloaked individuals lurking in the shadows?

(Hal and Sinestro work well off the Guardians radar)

That's Hal and Sinestro. Without question. They appear NOWHERE on any of the cover solicitations for the Third Army crossover...

...and there is NO WAY DC would take two of their most recognizable and iconic chracters from that line off of the table. Hal and Sinestro have been working in secret away from the prying eyes of the Guardians this whole time anyways, why not continue that trend?

So that's it folks. A quick recap, I predict that: Atrocitus is leading the Manhunters because they cannot be effected by the Third Army, Guy is imprisioned on planet Nok, Kyle Rayner is most likely the White Lantern, Hal and Sinestro are the cloaked figures and Kyle is a Red Lantern because he's actively seeking to learn how to weild all emotions.

There you go! Hopefully that tides you over for a little while. Don't forget to comment!