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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Return of...THE CORPSE!

So last blog I made mention of a storyline currently playing out in 'Green Lantern Corps' involving new willpower wielding enemies known as the 'Keepers'. Allow me to make one minor correction before proceeding, that storyline is NOT being written by Geoff Johns. Although I am unsure as to what role Geoff plays in the Lantern books he's NOT writing, it's necessary to be sure the writer Peter Tomasi gets the credit he deserves.

Anywho, in that storyline the 'Keepers' have been battling the Green Lanterns and by all appearances are currently winning. Last issue (that I read at least) we saw that John Stewart and a handful of other Lanterns were stranded in the middle of battle. Guy is intent on rescuing his buddy and, since I'm always trying to figure things out, I took a peak at the upcoming solicits for 'Green Lantern Corps' from DC's website.

It's a stretch I know, but based on this solicit I believe we're about to see the return of a Green Lantern concept introduced WAY back when the 'Green Lantern Corps' series got restarted after 'Rebirth'. I believe we're about to see the return of 'The Corpse'.

The Corpse, if you remember, is basically the HIGHLY secret black ops division within the Green Lantern Corps. Rather than using Green Lantern rings, the recruits of the Corpse use pills that provide the user with the same effects of the ring but for a limited amount of time.

Now I said this theory was a bit of a stretch and here's why. Guy once upon a time worked with the Corpse, but has no memory of it. The ONLY connection I'm making here comes from this line in the solicit above: "...and Guy's recruits are the nastiest Green Lanterns to ever put on a ring!". Now you may be asking, "Chad, I thought you just said they DON'T wear rings in the Corpse?" This is true, however in the storyline that introduced us to the Corpse, a Green Lantern was inducted into the Corpse following the success of their mission. So, in that way, I suppose they have "put on a ring" in the past.

Like I said, it's a stretch. When it says "nastiest" Green Lanterns I immediately made the leap to connecting that phrase with this page from the original Corpse storyline...

He clearly states, "You've just been inducted into the coldest, hardest, meanest division of the Green Lantern Corps...we live in the places that are too dark for the light of the Corps." I'll say it again, it's a leap, but I'm connecting the dots available to me. These 'Keepers' are CLEARLY getting the upper hand on the GL's and the situation would warrant calling in help from the division that THRIVES in the "places too dark for the light of the Corps".

So...it's my theory that Guy's "nasty recruits" means that the concept of the Corpse is returning for an encore.

Hey, not all my theories will be HUGE and story changing. Sometimes I like to switch it up with a simple one.

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