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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Half an Indigo Plan is Better than None...

As you can probably ascertain from the sub header to the title of this blog itself (not this particular entry, we're talking the whole blog) I'm supposed to be fairly dedicated to the spinning of "semi-ludicrous theories" based on all of the Lantern books that DC releases. Since I came back from my hiatus due to unemployment, this blog has mostly been posting reviews, personal takes on DC announcements and a few other odds and ends. Now, while I DID state awhile back that this blog WOULD be utilized for more than just theories, you folks haven't had the chance to read a semi-ludicrous theory in a good while. Well, it's high time to rectify that.

Ever since Geoff Johns wrapped up the storyline involving Hal and Sinestro taking out the Sinestro Corps, Geoff has been cleverly crafting the next arc of his New 52 run with the character. This arc, focused on the Indigo Tribe and their secrets, has been allowing us glimpses into the back story of this group of Compassionate Corpsmen all the while providing us with new mysteries to focus on. But there is one revelation in particular that I'd like to divert your attention to now.

Yeah that one. In the eagerly anticipated "Third Army" storyline running throughout DC's Lantern titles, Geoff plans to have the Guardians replace the Green Lantern Corps with "the Third Army". This action by the Guardians seems to be the straw that broke the camels back when it came to fan boys everywhere considering the Guardians worthy of admission into some Universal scale Arkham. But, as you can tell by Natromos dialogue, the Indigo Tribe has their marching orders to fulfill by way of the actions taken long ago by Abin Sur. The plan? Pop some Indigo Tribe rings onto the little stubby blue fingers of the remaining Guardians and begin the process to have them "feel" compassion and thus "reform" the Guardians of the Universe.

There are two problems with this and, to explain both, we're going to have to jump back into the head rush that was "Blackest Night".

The first problem I'll just get out of the way right here and now. They're the GUARDIANS. They who helped hide the entity of life, they who harnessed the raw power of will and CREATED the rings the GLC uses to channel willpower into their own respective usable formats. Tossing a ring of a different color on their finger isn't going to do diddly squat. "But Chad," you say, "the Guardians created and have experience with the GREEN rings. An Indigo Ring is a different animal altogether, they can't overcome that." You're forgetting one large plot point moment in "Blackest Night"...

Yup, the rings are based on OAN tech. So fooey to you naysayers.

The second problem we have with this little plan lies in the history of the Indigo Tribes actions itself. The primary point of which being, their plans don't WORK. When Indigo One teleported into the story of "Blackest Night" she revealed a WHOLE helluva lot of information. In addition to her cosmic history info dump, she informed the rainbow lantern posse that, not only could the individual Black Lanterns be defeated but that, to stop the entirety of the Blackest Night prophecy from coming to fruition, they had to recreate the White Light of creation and give Nekrons Central Power Battery one MASSIVE blast. And then we saw what came of that little plan when they finally took aim and shot their respective emotional loads...

And it failed. Then they tried wrangling more people to try it again. That failed too. Then they tried to let the Spectre handle things. That failed as well. Then they went straight for Nekron himself in one big group. Guess what? That failed too. The point being, the Indigo Tribe had a plan BEFORE the Blackest Night actually happened. They burst onto the scene, attempted to implement the plan they fully believed (and were probably TAUGHT) would work and it failed. What then? Well, the rainbow rodeo has to fly by the seat of their energy spandex before Deadman has to save the day and say, "Yo, Hal! Listen you moron, stop wasting all this time and energy basically trying the same approach a thousand times! Fix Black Hand!" *poof*

I WILL say this for the Indigo Tribe, there is a SMALL possibility that their plan will work (even if I DON'T believe that's where things are going). Mostly for one reason and one reason alone. That being that it seems the Indigo Tribe has access to knowledge the Guardians themselves do not...

So, while it's POSSIBLE that it could work, it's my prediction that this plan the Tribe has to reform the Guardians by way of the Indigo Rings? Yeah, it's going to fail. MOST heinously. And, although I won't go INTO it, here's a hint as to why I think it will fail (and why I think they've lost their minds in the first place)...

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