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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Day Another Golden Age Legend Vanished...

Today the comic world got news that comic legend Jerry Robinson passed away in his sleep. At age 89, Jerry was LOVED by many in the comic industry and responsible for a great many things including Bruce Wayne's butler (Alfred), Robin, Two-Face and...The Joker.

Now I personally don't know much about Jerry Robinsons body of work, in fact I'm fairly certain that I can't remember ever seeing his name before today. However, I feel the loss as a fan of the comic book community. It doesn't take a genius to understand that Batman as we see him today wouldn't be around if not for the contributions of Jerry Robinson. It's often said that a hero is only as good as his villains and what comic book villain is more iconic that the Joker?

Part of the reason these losses within the comics community hit me like they do is because these creators are the last remaining FIRST HAND link to the origin of the comics industry. The more legends we lose, the less chance we have of documenting everything they have to say regarding their experience and entrance into the industry. Unless it's Gil Kane or Martin Nodell, I don't know or have a connection to any of these golden age behemoths...but I can and will ALWAYS appreciate their impact. And you can be damn certain if I have the opportunity within my grasp to talk to them...I'll jump on it.

So a heartfelt "thank you" to Jerry Robinson for his contribution to comics and their creators and condolences to his family and friends.

(iFanboy - Episode #188 - The Joker and Jerry Robinson)

^Watch that video. That's pretty much the perfect video interview with Jerry. My thanks go out to iFanboy for conducting this interview last year. It's great to have access to these "first-hand" accounts. You can check out their fantastic site by CLICKING HERE.

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