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I started reading comics regularly after 'Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns'. Since then, I've become a co-host on 'The LanternCast' (a podcast dedicated to Green Lantern that's been on the air since 2008), started a new podcast covering the late 1980's DC series Action Comics Weekly (appropriately titled The Action Comics Weekly Podcast), and have been the curator of THE blog on the internet dedicated to the character of Ragman, created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert published by DC Comics starting in 1976 and currently appearing on The CW show 'Arrow' as portrayed by actor Joe Dinicol. I'm an avid fan of comics, classic rock, and speaking my mind. Welcome!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fire Friends...

It's a very large world we comic fans operate in these days. With the Internet in hand, our corner of the geek playground has exploded in newer, interesting and interactive ways. We can follow or friend our favorite creators on twitter or facebook. We can catch up on stuff we can't afford by means of blogs or podcasts. It seems every comic "fanboy" (a term I use both affectionately and insultingly on a whim) with an ounce of creative juices either has a podcast, blog, comic script, character design or something in the works. I myself and perfect evidence of this. But occasionally we have pause to call attention to and respect those who inspired us to make our own creative comic endeavors. NOT the creators of the comics containing the characters we love, but the fellow nerds who took fandom to another level with blogs and podcasts of their very own.

I came across FirestormFan quite by accident one day while searching for Firestorm images on google. Been hooked ever since. This fantastic blog is both entertaining and informative. Run by the Irredeemable Shag Matthews, FirestormFan has been on my favorites bar for the better part of a few years. It's through his blog that I found others like AquamanShrine, The Phantom Stranger Blog & Indigo Tribe. While I knew about the Phantom Stranger blog before FirestormFan (sorry Shag but Rob wins that prize) it was Firestorm fan that exposed me to the fantastically dedicated fans around the world who devote time and energy to posting about their respective characters as well as supporting one another. The comics community has always supported it's own and it's nice to see that tradition continued in the niche of comic blogging.

On that note, Shag (these days a friend of mine) stepped up to the plate on my behalf and posted the following...

Now I did indeed take the time out to ask Shag to pimp out my new blog here in this corner of the web but I left the method up to him. Having been around for awhile as a name (not long enough to make you old Shag lol) he has a fairly large following on facebook and twitter. So for him to promote my blog on all of his social media outlets is a flattering thing.

All "return the favor" spirit aside, Shag and later Rob (responsible for the Phantom Stranger blog and the more popular Aquaman Shrine) are the two top names I think of when I think of respectable, knowledgeable and entertaining comic friends and bloggers. But if their sites aren't your thing they're all to happy to accept that and point you in the direction of other good people who might have something you WILL like.

So to Shag and Rob this blog goes. I HIGHLY recommend you at least LOOK at their respective sites (found in the "Favorite Blogs" tab on the right side of my blog) and poke around for a bit. There's always some interesting stuff there to see.

More recently however, Shag and Rob teamed up to create "The Fire and Water Podcast". Guess what the topic is? Yes, Firestorm and Aquaman. Both guys have a wealth of information on their respective characters and with tons of jibes and personal opinions batted back and forth their new show is sure to keep you entertained. As a podcaster (both host and avid listener of numerous shows) their show is high quality from the get go (rare find) and they find their groove with one another quickly. So I suggest you pop on over to iTunes and download it the moment you're able.


  1. Dude, you're making me blush! Thanks for all the kinds words. If you're not careful, you're going to tarnish my reputation as "Irredeemable". :)

    I think your blog is off to a great start! Keep up the good work!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. You can also thank Firestorm Fan for getting me to check out your blog and putting it in my blog roll. I hope to catch up on it during the holidays!