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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is Responsible for the End of GLTAS? Could It Have Been Prevented?

With the news that the 'Green Lantern: The Animated Series' will be cancelled following the end of the current season, tons of Green Lantern fans are ticked off that one of the best interpretations of the character is being wiped off the face off the Earth.

With extended breaks mid season during its run, it's no surprise that the handling of the property by Cartoon Network led to it's cancellation. It's extremely disappointing but it leads to an interesting debate. (At least in my mind)

With Cartoon Networks treatment of DC properties over the past few years, I'm starting to question something. Is DC better off just funneling all of the properties through the WB/CW rather than working with Cartoon Network?

Consider the success of 'Arrow'. Consider the ten season long run of 'Smallville'. If DC made the move to put the GLTAS on the Saturday morning cartoon block of the CW, do you think it would work better? Or is DC solely going with the Cartoon Network just because of the talent that they have to create/produce the show? (or is that even a factor?)

Also, what role (if any) do you think that DC themselves had in this show being cancelled? Geoff Johns is the Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment. Considering the duties of his role, DOES he have a role in this fiasco? (I'm not subtly insinuating that he does, I'm genuinely asking.) And if he didn't have any factor in this, then who did at DC (if anyone)?


  1. The CW's saturday morning cartoon block is run/owned by Saban, although now that I think about it Justice League is shown on there so maybe it could still happen. Saban was such a huge part of my childhood and I would love if they were involved in a GL property but I would only be comfortable with them handling only if they had no creative control over it.

  2. i saw two videos.same those were good-better than some comics